Environmental Governance

Summary: Environmental Governance is the way by which societies define priorities and mobilize efforts to reach natural resources management goals.

The assurance of good environmental governance models implies the development of solid knowledge of environmental variables and climate change related issues. Based on these assumptions, the discipline aims to provide a broad conceptual framework about the theme and incentives to students acquire methodological knowledge and skills related to conception and governance of environmental issues.

Claudio Machado P. Neto: Professor Doutor da FEA/USP.
Jacques Marcovitch: Professor Titular Senior da FEA/USP.

Invited Key-speakers:
Alfredo Lopes, Consultor CIEAM Centro da Indústria do Estado do Amazonas
Natalia Escobar Pemberthy, Professora Doutora da EFIAT/CO

Project Management in Innovation

Summary: Innovation occurs via projects and projects are the central elemet of the innovation processes. This course aims to introduce the studants to the study of Project Management, including its foundations, key-concepts, practices and avalilable tecniques, specially aplyables to innnovation contexts. The course will emphasize the essential managerial processes, like scope, schedule and costs, looking foward to the elaboration of a project plan.

Roberto Sbragia: Professor Titular da FEA/USP
Nilson de Oliveira Jr: Professor Assistente da UEA/AM